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Member of the Legislative Council urges public to respond to climate change consultation

Oltey y Choonceil Slattyssagh greinnaghey y theay dy chur freggyrt da coyrle scrutee er caghlaa emshyraght

Barelyn goll er shirrey er plannyn dy streeu rish cooishyn yn emshyraght

Ta Oltey y Choonceil Slattyssagh greinnaghey dy chooilley chummaltagh Vannin dy ghoaill ayrn 'sy choyrle scrutee theayagh er caghlaa emshyraght.

Ta'n Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys shirrey barelyn er treealtyssyn y Reiltys son streeu rish cooishyn yn emshyraght.

Ta Bill Henderson er voylley studeyryn son goaill ayrn ayns stholkyn as plaiyntyn dy hayrn geill da'n chooish.

Agh, t'eh gra dy nee scanshoil eh neesht dy chur stiagh freggyrtyn dy chur fys son polasee ry heet y Hirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Geoffrey Boot:

AS BILL HENDERSON : Dy ve cairagh dasyn, t'eh geearree fakin ny ta pobble Ellan Vannin smooinaghtyn ayns shoh, as ny aghtyn lhisagh shin strepey noi caghlaa emshyraght, as myr shen, as ny lhisagh shin jannoo goll er-oaie.

Myr shoh, dy chooilley voylley da'n Rheynn ayns goll magh son coyrle scrutee. My saillt, jean, dy chooilley pheiagh, cur stiagh red ennagh ayns shen.

Ta mish bunnys er chur kione er y phabyr aym dy chur gys y choyrle scrutee. Ta feme ain er clashtyn barelyn ec sleih as ta feme ain er clashtyn ny imneaghyn eu, as er-lheh woish yn sleih aegey as ta imnea dy feer oc mychione shoh as foddee ad fakin preays ny cooish.   


Views being sought on plans to tackle climate issues

A Member of the Legislative Council is encouraging all Manx residents to take part in the public consultation on climate change.

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture is seeking views on the Government's proposals for tackling climate issues.

Bill Henderson has praised students for taking part in strikes and protests to bring attention to the subject.

However, he says it's also important to submit responses to inform Environment Minister Geoffrey Boot's future policy:

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