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MGP organisers thrilled with 2016 meeting

Fir-reaghee jeh Grand Prix Vannin currit er creau ec çhaglym feed cheead as shey-jeig

Va eunys currit er fir-reaghee Grand Prix Vannin ec yn aght hie yn çhaglym fo raad.

Hie ooilley ny ratçhyn fo raad, as paart dy chaggaghyn creauagh taghyrt mygeayrt coorse Giat y Clieau.

Harvey Garton, Caairliagh Club Roar-Bree Vannin, t'eh gra dy re jerrey cooie jeh kegeesh ynindyssagh va kione dramatagh yn Ard-Ghrand Prix Vannin.

She yn markiagh Sostnagh Tom Weeden hooar yn varriaght liorish jeeragh 0.6 grig er y Vanninagh Andrew Dudgeon.

MGP organisers thrilled with 2016 meeting

Organisers of the Manx Grand Prix are delighted with how the meeting went.

All of the races went ahead, with some thrilling battles taking place around the Mountain Course.

Manx Motor Cycle Club Chairman Harvey Garton says the dramatic end to the Senior MGP, which was won by the English rider Tom Weeden by just 0.6 seconds from Manxman Andrew Dudgeon, was a fitting end to a great fortnight.

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