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MHK asks for Prom timetable rethink

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed shirrey smooinaghtyn reesht mychione quoid dy hraa vees yn Shooylaghan goll er jannoo ass y noa

Ta leeideilee vun-troggalys er nyn 'reinnaghey dy scrutaghey reesht ny traaghyn jeh plannyn shooylaghan Ghoolish y yannoo ass y noa.

Ayns Mean Fouyir feed cheead as hoght-jeig, bee toshiaght currit da'n aa-lhiasaghey, vees costal £20.7 millioon, lurg da v'er gheddyn coardailys Tynvaal yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie.

T'eh oolit dy jean eh goaill tree bleeaney dy chur kione er yn obbyr.

Bee ny trammyn-cabbyl er nyn gummal lesh raaidyn-yiarn dooble ayns mean y raad eddyr Strathallan as Astyl Cashtal Mona, roish caghlaa dys un raad-yiarn ec çheu yn raad.

Bill Shimmins, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Medall, t'eh jerkal dy vod ad lhiantyn rish ny plannyn bentyn da traa.

MHK asks for Prom timetable rethink

Infrastructure bosses are being urged to look at the timescale of plans to refurbish Douglas promenade.

The £20.7 milion redevelopment will start in September 2018 after gaining Tynwald approval last week.

It will take an estimated three years to complete and will also see horse trams retained with a double track in the centre of the road between Strathallan and Castle Mona Avenue before switching to a single track at the side of the road.

Middle MHK Bill Shimmins is hopeful the overall timescale can be retained.

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