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MHK demands 'truth' over £26m loss of taxpayers' money

OCF fenaght 'firrinys' mychione coayl £26m jeh argid eeckeyderyn keesh

Kate Beecroft cur feanish roish BCT

Ta OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] ronsaghey coayl £26 millioon ass yn Tashtey Lhiasaghey Meanyn gra dy vel 'pooar er phlooghey y firrinys'.

Ta Kate Beecroft er ve cur feanish roish Bing ny Coontyssyn Theayagh, ren cummal y soie s'noa eck Jeheiney (27 Mean Fouyir).

Lurg soilshaghey magh imneaghyn mychione cur argid son y jeadys film 'syn Ellan neayr's 2011, ta treisht ec Bnr Beecroft dy jean chaglym s'noa shoh y ving seose fer jeh ny keimyn s'jerree ayns anchoodaghey – ny t'ee cur coontey jeh myr – y firrinys cochianglt rish y chooish shoh.

T'ee gra, ga nagh nod ny £26 millioon ve cosnit reesht, dy vel y theay toilchin onnerid y reiltys.

AS KATE BEECROFT :     Myr shoh, she: cha nod ny £26 millioon ve cosnit reesht, agh ta'n Reiltys gra dy kinjagh dy vel eh er chosney keeayl chionnit veih caghlaaghyn red t'er n'gholl cam. As oddin's cur diu rolley, myr ta mee shickyr oddys dy chooilley pheiagh elley, jeh argid t'er jus lheie ersooyl er coontey drogh reaghyssyn liorish y Reiltys. Myr shoh, shegin diu briaght, vel shen er coontey genney dy oaseirys? As my vees oaseirys foshlit as freggyrtagh ayn, cha lhisagh ny reddyn shoh taghyrt. 


Kate Beecroft gives evidence to PAC 

An MHK looking into the loss of £26 million from the Media Development Fund says 'power has stifled the truth.'

Kate Beecroft has been giving evidence to the Public Accounts Committee, which held its latest sitting on Friday (27 September).

After showing concerns around financing the film industry on the Island since 2011, Mrs Beecroft hopes this latest committee meeting will be one of the final steps in uncovering - what she describes as - the truth behind the matter.

She says, though the £26 million can't be regained, the public deserves government's honesty: 

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