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MHK stands by local authority letter

Ta Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed shassoo rish screeuyn hug eh gys lught-reill ynnydagh

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Connaghyn, t'eh gra nagh vel eh toiggal cre'n fa smooinagh barrantee ynnydagh dy re 'baggyrtagh' as 'floutagh' va screeuyn jeant echey.

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, dooyrt yn boayrd dy row ad er hirrey coyrle leighagh bentyn da'n screeuyn va David Quirk er chur lesh e laue dy persoonagh da olteynyn y voayrd.

Agh ta Mnr Quirk gra nagh vel fys echey cre'n screeuyn t'ad çheet er - as cha nel eh er ve abyl shen 'eddyn magh.

Myr shen, vel eh foast shassoo rish ooilley ta screeuit echey? 'Ta', ta Mnr Quirk gra. 'Cha nel eh cur doilleeid erbee orrym. Cha jinnin screeu gys ny barrantee mannagh beign shassoo rish ny va screeuit aym. Ny cheayrtyn, foddee dy re beggan meegherjoilagh ny ta screeuit aym, agh ec jerrey yn laa t'ad foast freggyrtagh'.

MHK stands by local authority letter

An Onchan MHK says he doesn't understand why commissioners in the district would consider a letter he's written 'threatening' or 'abusive'.

Last week the board revealed it had sought legal advice over the letter, which David Quirk hand-delivered to members individually.

But Mr Quirk says he doesn't know - and hasn't been able to find out - which letter is being referred to.

So does he stand behind all his correspondence? 'Yes', says Mr Quirk. 'I've no difficulty with it all. I wouldn't write to the commissioners if I didn't stand by what I'd written. Sometimes what I've written may be somewhat uncomfortable, but at the end of the day they're still accountable'.

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