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MHK supports public conversation over assisted dying

OCF ayns foayr jeh coloayrtys foshlit mychione geddyn baase lesh cooney

'Scanshoil eh dy chur rish baase dy kiart' – Clare Barber

Ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed pohlldal eamyn son coloayrtys s'lhea lesh yn theay mychione geddyn baase lesh cooney.

T'eh cheet lurg da 87 per cent dy leih er nyn greearey liorish Ronsaght Dowanagh yn Ellan ve ayns foayr jeh caghlaa yn leigh.

Ta'n OCF son Doolish Hiar Clare Barber er n'ghobbraghey roish nish da'n Spital as ayns kiarail boandyragh.

T'ee gra nagh jinnagh cur reih da sleih leodaghey kiarail meelaghey ynnydoil vees ry gheddyn.

AS CLARE BARBER : Ta enney rieau er ve aym mychione yn scansh jeh cur rish baase dy kiart, as er-lhiam dy nee red erbee eh myr boodeeys nagh vel shin ro vie loayrt mychione echey. Agh ayns rieughid, cooilleeney, t'ou toiggal, ny femeyn as ny yeearreeyn ec peiagh ennagh dy kiart tra t'ad geddyn baase, shen cho scanshoil as jannoo shickyr dy vel reddyn mie choud's t'ad bio. As ta smooinaght ayn, mychione ta shin er nyn draenal ayns boandyrys, jeh baase mie. As er-my-hon, ta ny coloayrtyssyn bentyn rish geddyn baase lesh cooney cheet dy mie as dy freggyrtagh cheusthie jeh'n ard feer scanshoil shen jeh bioys sleih.

Ec y traa cheddin, ta Spital Ellan Vannin gra dy vel eh credjal dy jinnagh slattys erbee cour geddyn baase lesh cooney 'cleiy fo kiarail meelaghey' son ny surransee oc.

Ta'n Ard Sheckter Anne Mills as yn Ard Er Lheelannagh yn Fer Lhee Benjamin Harris gra dy jinnagh caghlaa erbee cur olteynyn y wirran lhee as boandyrys ayns 'ynnyd feohdoil' as cur 'sleih fo preays dy chur jerrey er nyn mioys rolaue'.

Ayns fogrey t'ad gra neesht: 'Ta keeayl chionnit Spital Ellan Vannin gys yn laa t'ayn dy vel yeearree liorish surransee eer dy loayrt mychione kirtaghey dy ellynagh y baase oc er ve feer ghoan 'syn Ellan'.  

'Ayns goaill kiarail ec jerrey bioys cha nel shin shirrey dy chirtaghey ny dy chumrail traa baaish. Er yn oyr dy vel shen myr t'eh yinnagh shin jeeaghyn er myr neu-chooie son fwirran y Spital dy ghoaill ayrn ayns oardagh erbee ry hoi geddyn baase lesh cooney, eer dy beagh shen jeant leighoil ayns Ellan Vannin.'


'It's important to get death right' - Clare Barber

A Member of the House of Keys is backing calls for a wider conversation with the public about assisted dying.

It comes after 87 per cent of people surveyed by Island Global Research were in favour of a law change.

Douglas East MHK Clare Barber has previously worked with Hospice and in nursing care.

She says providing people with an option wouldn't take away from local palliative care available:


Meanwhile, Hospice Isle of Man says it believes any legislation for assisted dying would 'undermine palliative care' for its patients.

Chief Executive Anne Mills and Lead Clinician Dr Benjamin Harris say any change would also place medical and nursing staff in an 'invidious position' and put 'people under pressure to end their lives prematurely'.

In a statement they add: 'The Isle of Man Hospice experience to date has been that request by patients even to discuss artificially hastening their death have been extremely rare on-Island'.

'In providing care at the end of life we seek neither to hasten nor delay the time of death. This being the case we would regard it inappropriate for Hospice staff to take part in any assisted dying process, even if that were legalised on the Isle of Man.'

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