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MHKs keen to see Public Health moved to Cabinet Office

OCF-yn jeean dy fakin Slaynt y Theay currit da Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee

Olteynyn loayrt dy phohlldal caghlaa ayns resoonaght er tuarastyl slaynt

She lane-femoil dy vel lught-stiuree Slaynt y Theay currit fo smaght Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee. 

Shen va'n barel er ny hoilshaghey magh ec kuse dy OCF-yn [Olteynyn yn Chiare as Feed] fastyr Jemayrt (21 Mee Voaldyn), choud's va olteynyn loayrt mychione Tuarastyl Jerrinagh y Scrutaght Neu-Chrogheydagh er Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay liorish yn Reejerey Jonathan Michael.

Shoh fer mastey ny 26 moyllaghyn jeant cheusthie j'ee.

Dooyrt Daphne Caine dy jinnagh y scughey shoh lhiggey da ymmyrkey staddyssaghtoiley s'feeryssee dy vyn-scrutaghey bentyn rish slaynt, as bun currit da ayns data.

As Daphne Caine : She lane-femoil eh dy vel pooar currit da Slaynt y Theay dy haglym data as dy yannoo magh ny tosheeaghtyn ry-hoi shareaghey slaynt chadjin yn ashoon. Ta rour barnaghyn ayns ny fysseree bunnidagh ta goll er chaglym ec y traa t'ayn dy chur fys son polaseeyn slaynt as dy hareaghey eiyrtyssyn ayns rieughid son sleih, bentyn rish tannaghtyn bio ny sodjey as ny slayntoiley, as goaill stiagh jannoo ny sloo neu-chorrymid harrish y voodeeys ain. 

By vie lhiam briaght jeh'n reiltys dy hur-smooinaghtyn er ny vondeishyn jeh lhiasaghyn polasee dy gholl er pohlldal wheesh ec y vean, dy chooilleeney polasee kianglt son dy chooilley ard y chommynaght, goaill stiagh ynsagh, chymmyltaght as thieys, foddee, chammah's slaynt. 

Daphne Caine.

Va'n barel shen currit neesht ec Clare Bettison, as ee hene ny eear voandyr, choud's haink Bill Shimmins er y chaghlaa myr "lane-vunneydagh".

Dinsh yn Shirveishagh Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay t'ayn nish, David Ashford, dy row eh credjal dy nee mie er bastal va'n tuarastyl, as eh gra dy row eh erskyn y jerkalys smoo echey, agh hie eh er dy ghoaill rish ny bleeantyn lane dy veealeraght agh gyn jantys erbee.

Dooyrt eh dy vel nish yn traa son caghlaa.

Va'n treealtys coardit lesh un aigney, lesh yn Chiare as Feed votal 21-0 ayns foayr, as y Choonceil Slattyssagh, 8-0 ayns foayr.


Members voice support for change during health report debate 

It's essential the Public Health directorate is moved under the control of the Cabinet Office.
That was a view expressed by a number of MHKs on Tuesday afternoon (21 Mee Voaldyn), as members discussed the Independent Health and Social Care Review Final Report by Sir Jonathan Michael.
It's one of the 26 recommendations made within.
Daphne Caine said the move would allow for a more statistical, factual approach to health analysis, substantiated in data:


Daphne Caine.

That view was echoed by Clare Bettison, herself a former nurse, while Bill Shimmims MHK called the change "fundamental"
Current Health and Social Care Minister David Ashford told the court he believed the report to be excellent, saying it exceeded his wildest expectations, but went on to acknowledge years worth of talk and no action.
He said now is the time for change.
The motion was carried unanimously with the House of Keys voting 21-0 in favour, and the Legislative Council, 8-0 in favour.

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