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Midwife numbers to take up to five years to stabilise

Earrooyn dy vraane-reaylt feme wheesh as queig bleeaney dy ve fondagh

Kiarail Vannin ec y traa t'ayn mysh 30% fo'n wirran ayns frealtys

Ta lught-obbree vees cheet dy ve ny shinney as rate 30 per cent dy startaghyn follym son freayltys jannoo seose imnea mooar son shirveish voiraghys yn Ellan.

Ta Kiarail Vannin er veeraghey dy vel obbyr fo raad dy ardjaghey troggal lught-obbree agh dy nee lickly eh dy bee feme er wheesh as queig bleeaney son earrooyn dy ve fondagh.

Shoh cheet lurg da Colleish Reeoil ny Mraane-reaylt cur eam son aa-scrutaghey cooilleeney y voiraghys 'syn Ellan.

Ta Stiureyder Sheckteragh y Voandyrys Paul Moore gra dy nee cront doillee eh dy feaysley.

AS PAUL MOORE : Ta mee clashtyn er ard as dy cleeir yn eam veih Colleish Reeoil ny Mraane-reaylt, dy ardjaghey troggal lught-obbree as chebbal daue reddyn cleaynagh. She'n rieughid eh dy vel yn clane theihll surranse liorish gennid dy vraane-reaylt as dy voandyryn, as dy vel eh streeu son ny cumraagyn shen. Myr shoh, t'ou toiggal, fod mayd cur magh fogrey dy vel shin feme tooilley olteynyn y lught-obbree agh she red elley eh dy bollagh cur eab er geddyn ad. Er-lhiam, 'sy traa sodjey, dy vel feme orrin shirrey aghtyn lioroo fod mayd jannoo mraane-freaylt er-nyn-son hene 'syn Ellan as traenal ny cumraagyn ain hene.


Manx Care currently around 30% short staffed in midwifery

An aging workforce and a 30 per cent midwifery vacancy rate is a big concern for the Island's maternity service.

Manx Care has confirmed work is underway to increase recruitment but it's likely to take up to five years for numbers to stabilise.

It comes after the Royal College of Midwives called for a review into maternity provision on the Island.

Executive Director of Nursing Paul Moore says it's a difficult problem to solve:

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