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Minister defends Education Bill again

Shirveishagh fendeil Billey Ynsee reesht

Cremeydys woish ynseyderyn thie

Ta'n shirveishagh ynsee fendeil reeshtagh y Billey Ynsee treealit noa ta mooie ec y traa t'ayn son barelyn y theay.

Ta Graham Cregeen er ve loayrt lurg naight dy vel doolane leighoil goll er lhunney liorish troddaneyr Tristram Llewellyn Jones, er cooishyn y villey cochianglt rish ynsagh thie.

Ta Mnr Llewellyn Jones er n'ghra dy jinnagh ny reillyn treealit – yinnagh cur ablid da'n rheynn ynsee dy yannoo quaaltys rish paitchey as sessal yn obbyr oc, cur feyshtyn er paarantyn, as cosney fysseree persoonagh – bunnys kimmeeys jeh ynsagh thie ayns Ellan Vannin.

Cha nel Mnr Cregeen coardail rish shen: 

AS GRAHAM CREGEEN : Cha nel shen myr t'eh, t'ou toiggal. Ny t'er ve raait ain ayns shen, shen dy vel shin er vriaght dy yannoo . . . dy row eh brieit jin dy yannoo sessal, t'ou toiggal, foddee ny paarantyn cur roish, abbyr, y syllabus oc, ny t'ad cheet er 'sy vlein, reddyn nyn lheid shoh. As t'eh ynrican mannagh vel jeant booiagh,  t'ou toiggal, dy beagh ad geearree tooilley fys, shen foddee ad shirrey. As t'eh er ve jeant lane vaghtal ain, t'ou toiggal, dy beagh shin dy yannoo quaaltys ayns thie paitchey, dy beagh eh lesh kied as lesh yeearree er ny paarantyn. 


Criticism from home educators 

The education minister is once again defending the proposed new Education Bill, which is currently out to public consultation.

Graham Cregeen has been speaking following the news that a legal challenge is being launched by campaigner Tristram Llewellyn Jones, over aspects of the bill which are to do with home schooling.

Mr Llewellyn Jones has said the proposed measures - which would give the education department the ability to interview a child and assess their work, interview parents, and obtain personal information - would all but criminalise home education in the Isle of Man.

Mr Cregeen disagrees:

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