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Minister expects shorter waiting lists

Shirveishagh jerkal rish listyn-farkee smoo giare

Ta'n shirveishagh slaynt as kiarail y theay gra dy vel ee jerkal rish traaghyn-farkee share sy thie-lheihys, tra vees ny listyn er nyn gur magh.

Ta Kate Beecroft gra dy lhisagh ad ve currit roish y theay, veih jerrey yn vee.

Bee shen ry-hoi ve biallagh rish laa jerrinagh va soit sy Chlaare son y Reiltys, va currit magh yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie.

T'eh cur feedyn dy gheanyn son y reiltys t'ayn nish, as quoi ta freggyrtagh son shickyraghey dy bee ny deanyn shen cooilleenit.

Ta Bnr Beecroft gra dy vel eabbaghyn dy haraghey cooishyn er ghoaill toshiaght hannah.


Minister expects shorter waiting lists

The health and social care minister says she expects improvements to hospital waiting times after the lists are published.

Kate Beecroft says they should be made public from the end of the month. That will be to meet a deadline put in place in the Programme for Government, which was released lat week.

It outlines scores of targets for the current administration and who is responsible for making sure they are met.

Mrs Beecroft says efforts to improve things are already under way.

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