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Ministers set to decline Steam Packet offer

Shirveishee er-çhee jiooldey çheb veih'n Phaggad Bree

Ta'n Paggad Bree er jebbal sheeyney yn coardailys-ymmydeyr ny sodjey na feed cheead, shey as feed, as er nyialdyn baihaghey argid ayns lhongyn noa. Agh s'liklee dy jean y reiltys y çheb y yiooldey - ec y traa t'ayn, er y chooid sloo.

Ta Coonseil ny Shirveishee credjal nagh der y treealtys feaysley foddey-çharrymagh fondagh da'n Ellan, dy hickyraghey shirveishyn-marrey veagh cooilleenagh as yn-chummal.

Agh ta'n Choonseil moylley dy jean leeideilee vun-troggalys lhiantyn rish barganaghyn marish y Phaggad Bree, chammah as ronsaghey reihghyn elley vees çhebbal foays smoo da'n Ellan.

Bee ny moyllaghyn er nyn resooney ayns Tinvaal yn çhiaghtin shoh çheet.
Ta'n Shirveishagh Ray Harmer gra dy vel ooilley ny reihghyn er y voayrd, agh dy vel eh ro leah dy ve shein.

Ministers set to decline Steam Packet offer

An offer by the Steam Packet which would extend the user agreement beyond 2026 with a promise of investment in new vessels is likely to be declined by government - for now at least.

The Council of Ministers believes the proposal does not provide the Island with an effective long-term solution to secure a satisfactory and sustainable provision for sea services.

However, it is recommending infrastructure chiefs continue negotiations with the Steam Packet, as well as exploring other options that offer greater benefit to the Island.

The recommendations will be debated in Tynwald next week.

Minister Ray Harmer says all options are on the table but it's too early to speculate.

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