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MLC to continue Post Office role

OCS dy hannaghtyn lesh paart 'syn Oik Postagh

Oltey er ny irree ass oik rheynnagh dy hirveish dy neu-chrogheydagh

Nee oltey Tinvaal ren irree ass yn oik rheynnagh eck dy hirveish dy neu-chrogheydagh er y reiltys tannaghtyn lesh ve lhiass chaairlagh Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin.

Ren Tanya August-Hanson irree ass yn Rheynn Cooishyn Sthie, as ish credjal dy row y paart cur cagliagh er yn ablid eck dy yannoo ronsaght.

Ny yei dy vel ee geearree tannaghtyn cheusthie jeh'n reiltys, ta'n OCS gra dy vel ee foast currit da'n obbyr eck cheusthie jeh'n voayrd slattyssagh.

AS TANYA AUGUST-HANSON : Ta mee foast feer jeean mychione yn Oik Postagh as, she, ta mee foast geearree gobbraghey rish yn Oik Postagh. Ta mee fakin eh myr beggan cheumooie jeh'n reiltys, as eh ny voayrd slattyssagh. Ta mee ayns aght cur ayns ard er-lheh eh 'syn aght shen, my vees oo dy my hoiggal. Ta'n obbyr ard-whaiyllagh aym as eisht ta shen aym neesht. Foddee dy vel raad liauyr dy liooar roish, bentyn rish goll y raad kiart reesht, myr shoh ta ram obbyr dy ve jeant. Ta feme echey er jannoo reddyn ass y noa, ta feme echey er ashlish, as t'eh cheet lesh lesh shen, t'eh cheet lesh lesh shen.


Member resigned departmental post to serve independently

A Tynwald member who quit her departmental post to serve independently of government will continue as vice chairman of the Isle of Man Post Office.

Tanya August-Hanson resigned from the Department of Home Affairs, believing the role limited her ability to provide scrutiny.

Despite wanting to sit outside government, the MLC says she's still committed to her work within the statutory board:

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