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MMR [Measles/Mumps/Rubella] jab a vital defence against measles

Brod noi y vruan-chingys, y phlooghaght as y vruan-chingys yiarg ny choadey lane-femoil noi y vruan-chingys

Allinson gra dy nee trome ta'n gorley

Cha nel tuarastyl er ve ayn jeh cooishyn noa y vruan-chingys 'syn Ellan.

Ta'n chooish er ve 'sy naight lurg bishaghey doaltattym ayns cooishyn ayns Sostyn as tuittym 'syn earroo dy vroddyn MMR ta goll er cur ayns shen.

Ta'n Fer Lhee Alex Allinson gra dy vel y vruan-chingys ny ghorley ry hoilshaghey as dy nee trome eh lesh eiyrtyssyn cummyssagh neu-ghennal.

T'eh gra dy vel yn eaghtyr dy vacseenaghey ayns Ellan Vannin foddey ny syrjey na cheu hoal y vooir agh nagh lhisagh shin jannoo ny sloo yn arrey ain. 

AS ALEX ALLINSON : Ta fys ain nagh vel vacseen erbee fondagh 100%, agh eer adsyn t'er nyn vacseenaghey noi MMR as eisht foddee dy vel ad tuittym fo'n ghorley, t'ad geddyn keint foddey sloo jeh: ta paart dy choadey oc, mannagh vel eh 100%. Myr shoh t'eh feer scanshoil dy vel sleih cheet dy ve vacseenit. 

Va'n feysht aym neesht er-lheh mychione sleih as foddee dy vel ad faagail yn Ellan, myr sampleyr, dy gholl noon gys cuirrey kiaullee ny feaillaghyn trooid y tourey. Ta fys ain dy row cooishyn bishit dy vruan-chingys ayns Mancuin er y gherrid. Myr shoh ta feme ain er jannoo shickyr dy vel y sleih shen ta goll noon coadit as nagh vel ad cur back eh maroo.


Allinson says disease is serious

There have been no reported new cases of measles on the Island.

The subject has been in the news after a spike in cases in England and a drop in the number of MMR jabs being administered there.

Dr Alex Allinson says measles is a notifiable disease and is serious with potentially nasty consequences.

He says the level of vaccinations on the Isle of Man is much higher than across the water but we mustn't lower our guard:

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