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MNFU issues farmland reminder

SCAEV cur magh cooinaghtane mychione thalloo eirinagh

Sleih goll er greinnaghey dy aghtey dy currymagh as dy eiyrt er linnaghyn stiuree

‘Cooin dy reayll obbraghey nyn eirinee as beeit yn Ellan’, shen y chaghteraght ta goll er chur er oaie liorish ny meoiryn shee veih Sheshaght Cheirdey Ashoonagh Eirinee Vannin, choud’s t’eh cur cooinaghtane da sleih mychione ny linnaghyn stiuree bentyn rish ve er, ny faggys da, thalloo eirinagh. 

T’ou goll er shirrey dy hannaghtyn veih closeyn as troggalyn eirinagh, dy haghney magheryn as sthockyn aegey as troaryn traauee ayndaue, as dy reayll er yeeal dty voddey as dy ghoaill thie lhiat boanlagh as keck moddee.

Ta’n SCAEV gra neesht dy nhegin dhyt tannaghtyn daa veadar ec y chooid slooo veih obbreeyn eirinagh ooilley, freayll giattyn myr t’ou cheet orroo as jannoo ymmyd jeh stoo slayntoil laue ny jeh lauenyn my vees feme ort bentyn rish giattyn ny keymyn, as dy eiyrt er cassanyn boayl erbee vees shen ry yannoo.


People urged to act responsibly and follow guidelines 

'Help to keep our farmers working and the Island fed' is the message the police are relaying from the Manx National Farmers' Union, as it reminds people of the guidelines for being on or near agricultural land.

You're asked to keep away from farmyards and buildings, avoid fields of young livestock and arable crops, and keep your dog on a lead and take litter and dog mess home with you.

The MNFU also says you must stay at least two metres away from all farm workers, leave gates as you find them and use hand sanitiser or gloves if you have to touch gates or stiles, and stick to paths wherever possible.

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