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More 'meaningful work' needed for prisoners, says new governor

Feme er tooilley obbyr fondagh son pryssoonee, as kiannoort noa

Kiannoort phryssoon yn Ellan, t'eh gra dy vel eh geearree shickyraghey dy bee tooilley obbyr goll er jannoo ec sleih t'ayns y phryssoon, as ocsyn tra hed ad er seyrey.

Ta Bob McColm gra dy vel shoh soilshit dy lhiettal sleih v'ayns pryssoon veih brishey yn leigh reesht as goll stiagh ayns pryssoon reesht.

Hooar eshyn daeed blein dy cheeall chionnit as eh gobbraghey ayns pryssoonyn, goaill stiagh pryssoon Strangeways.

Ta Mnr McColm gra dy vel ram plannyn echey hannah son pryssoon Yourbee.

More 'meaningful work' needed for prisoners, says new governor

The governor of the Island's prison says he wants to make sure more work is done by inmates there, and upon their release.

Bob McColm says this has been proven to help stop people ending up back inside.

He has 40 years' experience of working in prisons, including Strangeways.
Mr McColm says he already has plenty of plans for Jurby.

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