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Mountain Road work outlined

Cummey currit magh jeh obbyr er Giat y Clieau

Yn obbyr vees dooney Giat y Clieau son daa laa yeig ayns Mee Averil, ta cummey jee er ny chur magh ec y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys.

Gowee yn obbyr stiagh jannoo eaghtyr noa as aa-chummey yn raad ec ny h-Obbraghyn Ushtey as Meeilley yn Clieau.

Hed ro-obbyr son y TT er jannoo myrgeddin.

Ta'n raad dy ve dooint eddyr Lhoob Gyere Rhumsaa as Creg ny Baa, veih'n chied laa jeig gys yn trass laa as feed Mee Averil.

Mountain Road work outlined

The work which will close the Mountain Road for 12 days in April has been outlined by the Department of Infrastructure.

It will include resurfacing and re-profiling of the sections at the Waterworks and the Mountain Mile.

Preparatory work for the TT will also be carried out.

The route is due to be shut between Ramsey Hairpin and the Creg-ny-Baa from April 11 to 23.

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