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Move for chief minister candidates to declare before election

Yeearree cour shirreyderyn dy ve'n ard shirveishagh dy ograghey magh roish reihys

Daphne Caine cur y chooish roish Tinvaal

Ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Garff Daphne Caine credjal dy lhisagh ooilley ny shirreyderyn miandagh son oik yn ard shirveishagh fograghey magh ad hene roish y reihys mooar cadjin 2021.

Hed y chooish er resooney magh cheet gys jerrey soie Tinvaal Jerrey Fouyir, nee toshiaght y ghoaill 10.30am Jemayrt (20 Jerrey Fouyir)

Ta Bnr Caine goaill rish dy vel y chooish er jeet roish roish nish as t'ee gennaghtyn dy vel eh er yn oyr dy vel y theay gearree sorch ennagh dy aght dy chur stiagh er yn immeeaght.

AS DAPHNE CAINE : T'eh fosley shen, t'eh gra dy vel shirreyderyn ayn dy ve'n ard shirveishagh. As er sole y dorrysh, ta shin goll er briaght reesht as reesht, quoi ta shin ayns foayr jeh dy ve'n ard shirveishagh, quoi vees cur stiagh dy ve'n ard shirveishagh. As, ayns aght, yinnagh eh cur ablid da paart dy vaghtalys y ve ayn nagh vel ain ec y traa t'ayn.


Daphne Caine brings matter to Tynwald

Garff Member of the House of Keys Daphne Caine believes all prospective candidates for the position of chief minister should declare themselves ahead of the 2021 general election.

The matter will be debated towards the end of the October sitting of Tynwald which starts at 10.30am on Tuesday (20 October).

Mrs Caine acknowledges the matter has come up before and feels it's because the public want to have some sort of say in the process:

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