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Nationalists: why wait for Mexit?

Ashooneyryn: cre'n fa fuirraghtyn rish Mexit?

Partee ashooneyragh Manninagh Mec Vannin, t'ad gra nagh lhisagh Mannin fuirraghtyn d'eddyn magh ny smoo mychione Brexit dy smooinaghtyn mychione lane seyrsnys veih'n Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, dooyrt Phil Gawne, yn Shirveishagh son Bun-Troggalys, dooyrt eh dy noddagh yn traa ve cooie dy chur toshiaght da barganey mychione y "Mexit" ain hene, geiyrt er vote yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit d'aagail yn Unnaneys Oarpagh.

Mark Kermode, caairliagh Vec Vannin, t'eh gra dy vel eh coontey dy re reihyssaght yeeragh ny dooyrt Mnr Gawne.

Agh vel Mnr Kermode smooinaghtyn dy vel eh ny sassey nish seyrsnys y gheddyn, kyndagh rish eiyrtys "Faag" refrane yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, as Nalbin smooinaghtyn er refrane noa mychione faagail yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit?

T'eh smooinaghtyn dy row seyrsnys rieau ry-gheddyn, agh shegin kione-daanys ve ayn, as, son slane shickyrys, ta genney kione-daanys ayn, veih'n Ard-Shirveishagh neose, as eer lesh Mnr Gawne çheet magh lesh red gollrish 'eam ceau-ersooyl' son seyrsnys. Derrey vees ny politickeyryn ain gynsaghey quoi t'ad shassoo son, as yn oyr t'ad shassoo er nyn son, cha nel shin goll dy gheddyn seyrsnys, ta Mnr Kermode smooinaghtyn.

Nationalists: why wait for Mexit?

Manx nationalist party Mec Vannin says the Isle of Man shouldn't wait to find out more about Brexit to consider full independence from the UK.

Last week, Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne said the time could be right to start negotiating our own "Mexit" in the wake of the EU vote.

Mark Kermode, chairman of Mec Vannin, says he considers Mr Gawne's statement to be simple electioneering.

But does he think independence is now more achievable given the Leave result and Scotland now mulling over a new referendum about quitting the EU?

He thinks it's always been achievable, but it requires a political will, and that political will, one hundred percent, is lacking, from the Chief Minister and all the way down and even with Mr Gawne coming out  with pretty much a throwaway call for independence.  Until our politicians learn who they represent and why they represent them, we're not going to get independence.

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