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New bill gives more effective planning control, claims minister

Billey noa cur gurneil plannal smoo fondagh, rere shirveishagh

Kione currit er keim oltyn 'sy Chiare as Feed

T'eh goll er gra dy lhisagh gurneil smoo fondagh ve yn eiyrytys jeh billey noa, as ta kione er ve currit er y cheim oltyn echey 'sy Chiare as Feed.

Ta'n Billey (Lhiasaghey) Gurneil Troggal ayns Baljyn as er y Cheer goll er stiurey trooid y chamyr liorish y Chirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey, Chris Thomas.

As eh loayrt rish Radio Vannin lurg yn soie Jemayrt (26 Mee Vayrt), dooyrt eh dy vel eh cur caa son caghlaa bunnidagh da aght obbragh y phlannal.

AS CHRIS THOMAS : Ren Tinvaal goaill er-ash smaght er y choarys plannal, ayns wheesh as fod mayd nish caghlaa y coarys plannal dy keeayllagh as dy currymagh, trooid Tinvaal, dy vod mayd gra, ayns ny queig bleeaney shoh cheet, abbyr, dy lhisagh shin ve greinnaghey yn sorch shoh dy aght choadee y chymmyltaght, ny dy lhiasaghey, croghey er cre erbee ta'n polasee. 

She'n stayd v'ayn dy row eh orrin fuirraghtyn derrey va slane brialtys theayagh ain as slane plan lhiasaghey treealit. Nish, ta oardaghyn ashoonagh y pholasee ain, as my vees feme er goaill cooish ayns laue, fod mayd goaill ayns laue ee cheusthie jeh'n choarys plannal.


Clauses stage completed in Keys

It's claimed more effective control should be the result of a new bill, which has completed its clauses stage in the House of Keys.

The Town and Country Planning (Amendment Bill) is being guided through the House by Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas.

Speaking to Manx Radio after Tuesday's sitting, he said it offered a fundamental change to the operation of planning.

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