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New Children's Champion appointed

Roortagh Clienney noa pointit

Rob Callister OCF goaill toshiaght ’sy phaart

Ec sleih aegey ayns gaue ’syn Ellan nish ta Roortagh Clienney noa.

Nee Rob Callister OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] goaill toshiaght er yn oik, va cummit dy chur beeal da paitchyn as feme oc.

T’eh cheet ny yei Tim Baker, t’er scughey stiagh ayns ynnyd shirveishagh y vun-troggalys. 

Ta’n paart goll er jeeraghey er shassoo ass-lieh cooishyn paitchyn fo chiarail, kiaraileyderyn aegey, as paitchyn as femeyn cramp oc, tra ta reaghyssyn jeant vees jannoo orroo.

Ta Mnr Callister gra dy lhisagh y doilleeid as ny boiraghyn persoonagh echey hene myr fer aeg y ve erskyn leagh da’n oik.

AS ROB CALLISTER : T’eh red va cur yindys dy ren y nhee cheet magh, as haink eh magh er yn oyr dy ren Tim Baker cur roish treealtys, as she resoonaght feer toghtagh v’ayn, agh fer ren cur-lesh back gys cooinaghtyn kuse dy haghyrtyn feer phiandagh er-my-hon hene dy persoonagh, myr peiagh va fo chiarail, peiagh as haink eh magh dy row mee gyn thie rish tammylt giare dy hraa, agh she fer as er-lhiam dy bee eh erskyn leagh ’sy phaart ’sy vlein shoh cheet.  


Rob Callister MHK takes up role

Vulnerable young people on the Island now have a new Children's Champion.

Rob Callister MHK will take up the position, which was designed to give children in need a voice.

He takes over from Tim Baker, who's moved into the infrastructure ministerial position.

The role is focused on representing the interests of children in care, young carers, and children with complex needs, when decisions that will affect them are made. 

Mr Callister says his own personal trial and tribulations as a youngster should be invaluable to the position: