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New domestic abuse bill to be put before Tynwald by October

Billey noa er drogh-ymmyd 'sy thie dy ve currit roish Tinvaal liorish Jerrey Fouyir

OCF son Rhumsaa tarmestit ec yn scailley dy hraa

Bee slattys noa er drogh-ymmyd 'sy thie currit roish Tinvaal cha nee ny sanmey na Jerrey Fouyir, rere yn Fer Lhee Alex Allinson, OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed].

Nurree, ren possan ynnydoil Sauchey, Lajer, Shickyr cur stiagh dy speeideilagh aghin son caghlaaghyn dy ve jeant da'n villey, lurg da gra nagh row toiggalys dy liooar ec y fer t'ayn nish er drogh-ymmyd 'sy thie.

Ta'n Fer Lhee Allinson gra dy vel eshyn tarmestit 'naght cheddin as adsyn ta cur feyshtyn mychione yn oyr t'eh goaill choud.

T'eh gra dy vel eh er-coontey towse mooar dy hraa va ceaut er jannoo studeyrys jeh leighyn ayns lughtyn-reill elley; agh dy jean shen cur son Ellan Vannin y coadey as y deyrey share, as vees goaill ayns laue dagh cooish bentyn rish drogh ymmyd.

AS ALEX ALLINSON : Nee paart jeh ny pooaraghyn vees y billey noa cur lesh stiagh ayn, lowal eddyr ny dreihyn hene ny ny meoiryn shee tra t'ad goll gys shen as ta ourys oc dy vel red ennagh taghyrt, dy ve abyl dy vrishey stiagh ayn ec keim foddey ny s'moghey. Agh chammah's shen, jeeaghyn er ooilley cooidjagh, dy vel shin cur magh chaghteraght cleeir dy vel currym eh orrinsyn ooilley dy choadey lesh ny fir shen, as dy mennick cha nel ad cheet gys geill ny lughtyn-reill anmagh dy liooar, ayns ny foddee ve bleeantyn dy ghrogh-ymmyd ta goll er. 

Ramsey MHK frustrated at timescale

New domestic abuse legislation will be put before Tynwald no later than October, according to Dr Alex Allinson MHK.

Last year, local group Safe, Strong, Secure successfully petitioned for changes to be made to the bill, after declaring the current one had an inadequate understanding of domestic abuse. 

Dr Allinson says he shares the frustration of those questioning what is taking so long.

He says it's due to a considerable amount of time spent studying the laws of other jurisdictions; but that will provide the Isle of Man with the best protection and sentencing, and addresses all aspects of abuse:

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