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New election hustings approach sought

Shirrey aght noa dy reaghey çhaglymyn theayagh son yeearreyderyn-reihys

Sy traa ry-heet, lhisagh gagh çhaglym theayagh roish ard-reihys ayns Mannin goll er reaghey ec Oik ny Shirveishee.

Shen y briwnys jeh bing Tinvaal va currit er bun dy scrutaghey reagheydys yn ard-reihys va cummit ayns Mean Fouyir shoh chaie.

Ny queig moyllaghyn jeig  son caghlaaghyn, v'ad currit roish olteynyn Tinvaal tra hoie ad y laa jea (yn wheiggoo laa as feed Mee Averil).

Hie ny moyllaghyn harrish caghlaa mooar dy chooishyn - veih recortyssey voteyryn as lioar-reill noa son yeearreyderyn, gys coontey voteyn.

Mastey cooishyn ta'n ving geearree dy bee ad jeant seose gys daayt roish feed cheead as feed, shen ard-choarys son geamaghey as soilsheeney çhaglymyn theayagh son yeearreyderyn-reihys.

Ta'n Caairlagh David Cretney OCS gra dy vel ad nyn ayrn scanshoil jeh deynlaght - as cha lhisagh reaghey ad ve faagit da skeeraghyn as lughtyn-reill ynnydagh.

New election hustings approach sought

All public meetings ahead of Manx general elections should in future be organised by the Cabinet Office.

That verdict from a Tynwald committee set up tp review the organisation of last September's Island-wide poll.

The committee's 15 recommendations for change were presented to members when the Court sat yesterday (25 April`).
They cover a wide range of topics - from voter registration and a new rule book for candidates, to the counting of votes.

Among updates the committee wants to see in place by 2020, a centralised system for calling and publicising hustings meetings.

Chairman David Cretney MLC saya they are an important part of democracy - and should not be left to parishes and local authorities to organise.

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