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New rules for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers

Reillyn noa son immanee Carbyd Traghtee Trome

Freggyrt scarrit mastey immanee

Reillyn noa ta cur er immanee truck scrutaghey nyn garbid dagh laa, ta'n dean oc dy chur shaghey baase gyn feme er ny raaidyn.

Ta ny reillyn dy gholl roish Tinvaal y vee shoh.

Derrey nish, cha nee agh taxi-yn as barrooseyn as va feme orroo son lheid ny scrutaghtyn reiltagh.

Ren coyrle scrutee er ny treealtyssyn cleayney stiagh freggyrt veih immanee 'va scarrit dy baghtal', lesh ymmodee jeu cheet er imneaghyn mychione costys as ro-oikoilys.

Agh ta'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys Ray Harmer gra dy jean eh cur yn Ellan co-reggyrtagh rish stundayrtyn Goaldagh.

AS MNR HARMER : Veagh treisht ort son y chooid smoo dy vel ny scrutaghtyn shoh goll er jannoo dagh laa - myr scrutaght tappee laaoil. As t'eh dy yannoo shickyr dy vel recortys ain dy feer jeh quoi ta ny jeantee, as ayns ymmodee aghtyn t'ad beggan ny s'meeiney na ayns lughtyn-reill elley gollrish yn RU. As ta feme ain er yrjaghey ny stundayrtyn ain my vees shin laccal dellal, as tannaghtyn lesh dellal, trooid yn Oarpey.  


Split response from drivers 

New rules requiring truck drivers to inspect their vehicles every day are aimed at preventing unnecessary road deaths.

The regulations are due before Tynwald this month.

Until now, only taxis and buses have required such regular inspections.

A consultation on the proposals garnered a 'discernibly split' response from drivers, many of whom voiced concerns over cost and red tape.

But Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer says it will bring the Island in line with British standards.

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