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New vision for health facility funding

Reayrt noa ry-hoi eeck son culleeyn-slaynt

Foddee dy jean tooilley culleeyn-slaynt croghey sy traa ry-heet er co-eeck liorish y sporran theayagh, sheshaghtyn giastyllagh as toyrtyssyn, ta fer-toshee sheshaght yiastyllagh Ellanagh gra.

Shen barel Ghavid Gawne, ta ny chaairliagh jeh Possan Pohlldal Kahngyr Keeagh Vannin, as ny leeideilagh jeh'n Choonseil son Shirveishyn Arryltagh.

V'eh loayrt ec fastyr foshlit jeh unnid keeagh noa Thie Lheihys Noble, hooar argid liorish aghin yiastyllagh, as ta'n reiltys er yialdyn argid dy chummal ee fo raad.

Troddanee va laccal unnid keeagh er-lheh, dooyrt Mnr Gawne, hug ad er bun ee ad hene, as ad troggal millioon dy lieh dy phuntyn liorish aghin heayagh.

S'cosoylagh dy bee tooilley reddyn elley jeant myr shen sy traa ry-heet, t'eh gra.

New vision for health facility funding

An Island charity chief says more health facilities may in future rely on joint funding from the public purse, charities and donations.

This is the view of David Gawne, chairman of the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group, and head of the umbrella Council for Voluntary Services.

He was speaking at an open evening at Noble's new breast unit, which has been funded through a charity appeal and has been promised ongoing support from government.

Mr Gawne said campaigners who wanted a dedicated breast unit made it happen themselves, raising £1.5 million in a public appeal.

He says that is likely to be the shape of things to come.

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