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No changes to Covid-19 restrictions says Chief Minister

Gyn caghlaaghyn da lhiettrymyssyn er coontey Chovid-19 ta'n Ard Shirveishagh dy ghra

Cannan feeraghey stayd lurg caghlaaghyn ec Preeu-Airey y Reeriaght Unnaneysit

Cha jig caghlaaghyn d lhiettrymyssyn er coontey Chovid-19 ayns Ellan Vannin ec y traa t'ayn.

Haink Coonceil ny Shirveishee as y Possan Ashoonagh son Freggyrt da Covid nyn guail Jecrean (9 Mee ny Nollick).

Shoh lurg caghlaaghyn va goll er jannoo ayns Sostyn, liorish Preeu-Airey y Reeriaght Unnaneysit Boris Johnson, myr freggyrt da'n cheint Omicron. 

Cha nel enn er ve currit foast er y cheint noa 'syn Ellan agh ta'n Ard Shirveishagh Alfred Cannan cur raaue dy voddagh shen caghlaa 'sy traa ry heet.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Neayr's ny fograghyn veih Boris Johnson, v'eh cooie dooin jeeaghyn er y chaglaa s'noa da stayd yn RU. Agh s'mie lhiam insh diu dy vel yn stayd bentyn rish Covid 'syn Ellan tannaghtyn corrym, choud's ta shin toiggal eh, as eh ry akin dy vel eh cheet lesh ny saaseyn ain t'ayn ec y traa t'ayn, bentyn rish cur enn er cooishyn ta cheet stiagh 'syn Ellan, son shickyrys gys towse ennagh, agh trooid as trooid ta'n towse dy chooishyn ain tannaghtyn corrym dy liooar ec y traa t'ayn, as dy jarroo soilshaghey magh paart dy vonnaghyn jeh cheet dy ve beggan ny sloo ayns shiartanse dy ardyn. 


Cannan confirms position in light of United Kingdom Prime Minister's changes

There will be no changes to Covid-19 restrictions on the Isle of Man at this time.

The Council of Ministers, and National Covid Response Group, met yesterday (9 December).

It follows changes being made in England, by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in response to the Omicron variant.

No cases of the new strain have yet been identified on the Island but Chief Minister Alfred Cannan warns that could change in future:

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