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No drone zones for racing

Ardyn gyn droneyn son ratchyn

Finallyn tromey er-nyn-son nagh vel cur geill da lhiettrymyssn

Ta lhiettrymys er droneyn etlagh choud's ta roortys ny ratchyn goll er jannoo mygeayrt Coorse Billown as Coorse y Clieau.

Ta cooinaghtane er ve clouit roish yn chegeesh TT.

Ta bree er ve currit da ard gyn etlagh son ooilley yn thalloo cheusthie jeh Coorse y TT as 1000 meadar cheumooie jeh tra vees raaidyn dooint.

Ta Coorse Ard y Jiass cheusthie jeh 3 meeilaghyn veih Purt Aer Runnysvie myr shoh ta lhiettrymys er droneyn er-coontey y gaue t'ad baggyrt er etlanyn cheet gys y thalloo ny irree jeh'n thalloo.

Ta ard tannaghtyn magh 6 meeilaghyn mygeayrt Doolish, Jemayrt 5oo Mean Souree woish 7.25pm gys 8.10pm er-yn-oyr dy vel ny Sideyn Jiargey skedjallit dy yannoo taishbynys.

Ta stiureyderyn gra dy voddagh drone getlagh ayns ard as lhiettrymys er cur er seshoon roortys ny ratch dy ve stappit.

Lurg ronsaght, oddagh final wheesh as £2,500 ve currit er deyrey.

No drone zones for racing

Heavy fines for those who ignore restrictions

Drones are banned from flying when practice or racing is taking place around the Billown and Mountain Courses.

A reminder has been issued ahead of TT fortnight.

A no-fly zone is in place for all land inside the TT Course and 1000 metres outside when roads are closed.

The Southern 100 course is within 3 miles of Ronaldsway Airport so drones are banned due to the danger they may pose of aircraft landing or taking-off.

There is a 6 mile exclusion zone around Douglas on Tuesday 5th June from 7.25pm to 8.10pm as the Red Arrows are due to perform.

Organisers say a drone flying in a restricted area could lead to a practice session or race being stopped.

Following an investigation, a fine of up to £2,500 can be imposed on conviction.

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