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No more term-time holidays for RGS pupils

Gyn laghyn seyrey arragh ayns traa ny himbee son studeyryn SGR

Ard er ynsee caghlaa polasee y scoill er laghyn seyrey

Ta ard er ynsee ayns fer jeh scoillyn ard yn Ellan gra dy vel paarantyn cur ayns gaue speeideilys nyn baitchyn ayns scrutaghtyn liorish goaill laghyn seyrey ayns traa ny himbee.

Ta Scoill Grammadys Rhumsaa er voghraghey magh dy vel eh dy scuirr veih cur kied son laghyn seyrey ayns traa scoill.

Ta staddyssaght soilshaghey magh dy ren kiare ass queig studeyryn as cheet faare oc erskyn 97% cosney queig GCSE-yn (Teishtyn Cadjin son Mean Ynsagh) ec A* gys C goaill stiagh y Vaarle as y Vaddaght nurree, agh ren shoh tuittym gys y trass ayrn tra nagh row cheet faare agh 91-93%.

Ta Annette Baker gra nagh vod y scansh jeh cheet faare ard ve currit shaghey.

AS ANNETTE BAKER : Ta cheet faare 'sy scoill jannoo dy jeeragh er eiyrtyssyn ny studeyryn - son shickyrys son GCSE.  Myr shoh ta'n currym orrym dy bunnidagh dy yannoo shickyr dy vel ny studeyryn cooilleeney ny eiyrtyssyn share son dy chooilley horch dy oyryn, Ta'n cowrey-stundayrt cadjin y poynt son entreilys da whilleen coorse post-16 - gys y cheyoo blein, gys faill, gys ynsagh sodjey. As echey neesht ta eiyrtyssyn sodjey er ynsagh syrjey gys traa ry heet ny studeyryn.   Myr shoh, dy bunnidagh ta mee cooilleeney my churrym liorish cur trimmid er y scansh jeh cheet faare mie as er y jannoo jeh cheet faare boght er eiyrtyssyn cummyssagh. 


Headteacher changes school's vacation policy

A headteacher at one of the Island's secondary schools says parents are risking their children's exam success by taking holidays during term time.

Ramsey Grammar School has announced it's to stop authorising vacations during school time.

Statistics show over four out of five students with attendance above 97% achieved five GCSEs at A* to C including English and Maths last year, but this dropped to a third when attendance was just 91-93%.

Annette Baker says the importance of high attendance can't be ignored.

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