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No strike plans for Island junior doctors

Dyn plannyn-stholk son fo-ir-lhee yn Ellan

Cha bee fo-ir-lhee yn Ellan stholkey, geiyrt er naightyn mychione stholkyn ayns Sostyn.

Ny shlee na shey cheead fo-er-lhee hoal, t'ad kiarail stholkey son tree laa ayns Mee ny Nollick.

Ta shoh kyndagh rish treealtyssyn jeh reiltys Hostyn dy chur coonraghyn er fo-ir-lhee hoal, veih Mee Luanistyn sy vlein shoh çheet, veagh giarrey faill as bishaghey ooryn-obbyr.

Y Fer-Lhee Alex Allinson, Screeudeyr VMA jeh Co-Heshaght Lhee Vannin, t'eh gra dy vel shinyn ayns stayd nagh vel casley rish y stayd ayns Sostyn.

No strike plans for Island junior doctors

The Island's junior doctors won't be taking industrial action following news of strikes in England.

More than 600 junior doctors across the water are planning to strike for three days in December.

It follows proposals by the British government to impose contracts from August next year, which would cut pay and increase working hours.

BNA Secretary of the Isle of Man Medical Association Dr Alex Allinson says we are in a different position to England.

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