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Nominations open for LegCo election

Toshiaght er enmyssaghtyn son reihys da'n Choonceil Slattyssagh

Kiare ynnydyn follym dy ve cooilleenit

Ta toshiaght er jeet er enmyssaghtyn son ny kiare ynnydyn follym ry heet 'sy Choonceil Slattyssagh.

Ta David Cretney, Bill Henderson, Tim Crookall as Kerry Sharpe cheet gys kione yn traa pointit oc syn oik.

T'eh goll er credjal nagh vel Mnr Cretney shirrey dy ve aa-reiht.

Foddee shirreyderyn cur roish ad hene derrey Jecrean 26 Toshiaght arree.

Nee Olteynyn yn Chiare as Feed votal ayns reihys dy phointeil kiare Olteynyn y Choonceil Slattyssagh rish oik queig bleeaney ayns soie er-lheh Jerdein 12 Mee Vayrt.



Four vacancies to be filled

Nominations for the four upcoming vacancies on the Legislative Council are open.

David Cretney, Bill Henderson, Tim Crookall and Kerry Sharpe are coming to the end of their appointed time in office.

It's believed Mr Cretney is not seeking re-election.

Candidates have until Wednesday 26 February to come forward.

Members of the House of Keys will vote in an election to appoint four Members of the Legislative Council for a five-year term at a special sitting on Thursday 12 March.

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