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Number of financial crime workers revealed

Earroo dy obbreeyn loght argidoil soilshit magh

Offishearyn caillt - agh earroo syrjey dy ailleydee

Yn earroo dy offishearyn poleen gobbraghey da'n Unnid Loght Argidoil er ve ghiarrit ayns ny kiare bleeaney t'er n'gholl shaghey.

Agh ta'n earroo ooilley cooidjagh dy ailleydee 'syn Unnid er nyrjaghey liorish jees.

Va ny earrooyn er nyn soilshaghey magh liorish yn Rheynn Cooishyn Sthie lurg da geddyn feysht son freggyrt scruit veih Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Connaghyn Julie Edge ayns yn Chiare as Feed.

'Sy reggyrt, t'eh soilshaghey magh dy nee 16 va'n earroo ooilley cooidjagh dy offishearyn poleen gobbraghey er loghtyn argidoil 'sy vlein 2014, lesh 12 nish 'syn Unnid 'sy vlein 2018.

Agh, ta'n earroo dy hivoilee as faill beayn oc as dy ailleydee rere conaantyn shallidagh 'syn Unnid er vishaghey.

Cha row obbreeyn rere conaantyn shallidagh ayn queig bleeaney er-dy-henney, agh nish ta kiare jeu 'syn Unnid Loght Argidoil, choud's ta'n earroo dy hivoilee as faill beayn oc er nyrjaghey veih three 'sy vlein 2014 gys queig mleeaney.


Number of financial crime workers revealed

Officers cut - but employee numbers up

The number of police officers working in the Financial Crime Unit (FCU) has been cut over the last four years.

However, the overall number of employees in the Unit has risen by two.

The figures have been revealed by the Department of Home Affairs after received a question for written answer from Onchan Member of the House of Keys Julie Edge in the House of Keys.

In its response, it shows the total number of police officers working on financial crime in 2014 was 16, with 12 now in the FCU in 2018.

However, both permanently employed civilians and employees on temporary contracts in the unit have increased.

There were no workers on temporary contracts five years ago, but there are now four in the Financial Crime Unit, whilst the number of permanently employed civilians has gone from three in 2014 to five this year.

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