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NUT boss favours Manx education system

Ta ben-hoshee yn NUT ayns foayr jeh coarys-ynsee Vannin

Turrys mygeayrt scoillyn yn Ellan, v'eh grait dy ve 'drualtagh' ec leeideilagh jeh ard-sheshaght-cheirdey veih'n Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Anne Swift, eaghtyrane yn Çheshaght-Cheirdey Ashoonagh Ynseyderyn, loayr ee magh dy phohlldal coarys-ynsee Vannin, son yn aght t'eh lhiasaghey ynseydee 'ooilley cooidjagh'.

Va barel mie currit urree ec so-lhoobaght as seyrsnys ynseyderyn ynnydagh - agh hug ee raaue dy vel argid as listal ynseyderyn cur lhieu doilleeidyn mooarey hoal as wass.

Ooilley cooidjagh, ta Bnr Swift credjal dy vel ynseydee Vanninagh geddyn foays dy fondagh ass yn torçh dy ynsaghey t'ee er nakin.

NUT boss favours Manx education system

A trip around the Island's schools has been described by a major UK union leader as 'fascinating'.

Anne Swift, president of the National Union of Teachers, spoke out in support of the Manx education system for the 'all round development' it awards to pupils.

She was impressed with the flexibility and freedom of local teachers - but warned that both funding and recruitment  present major issues both at home and away.

Overall, Mrs Swift believes Manx pupils actively benefit from the style of teaching she's witnessed.

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