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OFT issues hoverboard warning

Oik Dellal Cairagh cur magh raaue mychione buird-etlee

Son shickyrys, ta'n Oik Dellal Cairagh gra, cha nee beg y boirey ta bentyn da boayrd-etlee. T'ad cur raaue dy noddagh teaym-Nollick mleeaney çheet dy ve baasoil.

Ta lught yn Oik gra dy vel ad er nakin shiartanse dy vuird-etlee ta mee-hauçhey er aghtyn gaueagh. She scughag hene-chormaghey  boayrd-etlee, t'er jeet dy ve ny heaym mastey sleih aegey.

David Oldfield jeh'n Oik Dellal Cairagh, t'eh gra dy vel caghlaa dy voiraghyn ayn.

OFT issues hoverboard warning

The Office of Fair Trading says there's certainly not a "a lot less bother with a hover" - warning a Christmas fad this year has the potential to turn deadly.

The organisation says it's seen a number of dangerously unsafe hoverboards, the self-balancing scooters which have become a craze among young people.

David Oldfield of the OFT says there are a variety of concerns.

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