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Online TT doc released

Fillym-fys TT er-linney currit magh

My t'ou goaill foddeeaght ny yei yn TT hannah, ta caa ayn dy yeeaghyn er ny h-immeeaghtyn liorish fillym-fys mychione ratçhyn ny bleeaney shoh.

Chris Kippenberger, eear-choyrleyder son Mercedes Benz, BMW, Intel as Google, ren eh "IOM TT", dy ve currit magh er Vimeo, ynnyd feeshan er-linney.

Hie yn fillym-fys er cur magh Jeheiney ynrican er-linney, geiyrt er ny markee as ny skimmeeyn ghow ayrn mleeaney.

Fillym feed minnid Vnr Kippenberger, t'eh kiarail soilshaghey keeall chionnit ny markee, as yn ennaghtyn vieauid goll mygeayrt Coorse Yiat y Clieau.

Online TT doc released

If you're already missing TT, there's a chance to catch up on the action with an online documentary about this year's racing.

Chris Kippenberger, a former adviser to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Intel and Google, made "IOM TT" for release on online video site Vimeo.

The documentary was released online-only on Friday, following the riders and teams behind this year's action.

Mr Kippenberger's 20-minute movie hopes to capture the experiences of competitors and the sense of speed around the Mountain Circuit.

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