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Optimism despite Mount Murray closure

Lane jerkallys, ga dy ghooin Cronk Murray

Ta shin foast lane jerkallagh. Shen y çhyrrys veih'n Çhirveishagh son Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh.

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rushen, Laurence Skelly, shen yn aght dreggyr eh yn naight dy row Cronk Murray er ghooney ny dorryssyn echey son y cheayrt s'jerree.

Va ny shamyryn lhiabbagh er nyn lostey dy bollagh ny smoo na blein er dy henney, as cha liooar yn argid veih'n urrysaght son aa-hroggal ad.

Shen, chammah as costyssyn-bree ta kinjagh goll seose, t'eh er chur er fir-hoshee, yn thie-oast as y club-soccar y ghooney Jeheiney.

Ta Mnr Skelly gra dy lhisagh shin gennaghtyn jarrooagh kyndagh rish lhiasaghyn elley syn Ellan.

Optimism despite Mount Murray closure

We remain optimistic. That's the message from the Minister for Economic Development.

Rushen MHK Laurence Skelly has responded to the news that the Mount Murray has closed its doors for the last time.

A fire burned down the accommodation block more than a year ago and the insurance payout will not cover the rebuild.

That, coupled with spiralling energy costs, prompted bosses to shut the hotel and leisure club on Friday.

Mr Skelly says we should feel positive about other areas of development on the Island.

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