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Outcry over Bridgewater loss

Sleih gaccan, kyndagh rish coayl Bridgewater

Aghin ta shirrey er reiltys Vannin dy chur bree reesht da conaant t'er ve ayn rish foddey, son ymmyrkey surransee ayns heear-hwoaie Hostyn, ta faggys da thousane as tree cheead dy leih er chur nyn enmyn huic.

Ta Bridgewater er stiurey takseeyn va gymmyrkey surransee son faggys da feed blein. Haink eh magh er y gherrid dy vel Bridgewater er choayl yn obbyr shoh, kyndagh rish çhebbal va reaghit ec  y Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay.

Ta'n chooish er ghreinnaghey gaccan liorish surransee Vanninagh, ta gra dy vel shirveish chiarail Vridgewater gyn cosoylaght.

She Grace Teare hug toshiaght da'n aghin. Clare Bettison, oltey politickagh jeh'n Rheynn, t'ee gra dy voddagh ad er ghellal rish y chooish er aght share. Hooar ish y naight veih ny meanyn sheshoil.

Outcry over Bridgewater loss

A petition calling on the Manx government to reinstate a long-standing contract for patient transfer in the north-west of England has reached almost 1,300 signatures.

It's emerged Bridgewater, which has provided the specialist taxi runs for the best part of 20 years, recently lost out in a tender process witrh the Department of Health and Social Care.

The case has provoked outcry from Manx patients, who say the level of care is unmatched.

Grace Teare started the petition and departmental member Clare Bettison MHK is claiming it it could have been handled better after finding out the news on social media.

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