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Party politics not right for IoM - Quayle

Cha nee yn ansoor, politickaght-phartee, as Quayle

My vees yn Ellan goll dy chaghlaa e coarys politickagh, cha nel politickaght-phartee ny h-ansoor.

Shen y barel jeh Howard Quayle, y Shirveishagh Slaynt.

V'eh loayrt ny lurg da'n Çheshaght S'inshley jeh Lught Traghtee er nyiooldey yn eie dy lajer.

Cha beagh dooghys y choarys jeh cosney pointyn foaysagh da theay Vannin, ta Mnr Quayle credjal.

Party politics not right for IoM - Quayle

If the Island is going to change its political system - party politics isn't the answer.

That's the view of Health Minister Howard Quayle.

He was speaking after a Junior Chamber of Commerce event overwhelmingly rejected the idea.

Mr Quayle believes the point-scoring nature of the system would not be in the best interests of the Manx public.

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