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Peel silt trap is vital says Harbour Users

Thousands of tonnes of silt to be dug out from Peel Marina

Thousaneyn dy honneyn laagh varrey dy ve reuyrit magh ass Marina Purt ny Hinshey

Ta bac laagh varrey slane femoil dy lhiettal Marina Purt ny Hinshey veih lhieeney reesht.

Shen rere possan ta shassoo son ymmyderyn puirt Vannin dy leah roish my vees y marina goll er glenney magh.

Ta thousaneyn dy honneyn laagh varrey, t'er jeet neose yn awin Neb, er chee ve reuyrit magh ass.

As eh ny hassoo er y droghad harrish y Neb erskyn Marina Purt ny Hinshey, ta'n Captan Eddie Kaighen jeh Sheshaght Ymmyderyn Puirt Ellan Vannin gra dy nee beggan heose er yn awin ta'n boayl lhisagh ny baccyn ve currit.

AS EDDIE KAIGHEN : Kiart heose veih shenn cheiy shoh yn awiney, veih dorryssyn y henn thie stoyr ayns shen, harrish liorym gys y shliawinane ayns shoh.
AS JOHN MOSS : Er-lhiat, foddee, dy beagh jees ymmyrchagh?
AS EDDIE KAIGHEN : Well, veagh jees ny share. T'ad gooley dy vel bac laagh varrey goaill magh mysh 70% jeh'n laagh varrey. Myr shoh, s'baghtal eh, my vees oo goaill magh 70% 'sy chied vac, nee'n nah er goaill magh beggan elley, as bee agh beggan beg ayn eisht. Slane femoil eh dy vel eh faggys da ynnyd entreil er yn oyr dy vel feme oc er goll er glenney magh dy reihalagh. 


Thousands of tonnes of silt to be dug out from Peel Marina

A silt trap is essential to stop Peel Marina filling up again.

That's according to a group representing Manx harbour users shortly before the marina is to be cleared.

Thousands of tonnes of silt, which has come down the river Neb, are about to be dug out.

Standing on the bridge over the Neb above Peel Marina, the Isle of Man Harbour Users Association's Captain Eddie Kaighen says just up stream is where the traps should be placed:

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