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Petition to oppose citizen database

Aghin noi stoyr-fysseree seyraanagh

Aghin ta greinnaghey Tinvaal dy yiooldey eamyn son 'ard-stoyr-fysseree seyraanagh', t'ee çhaglym pohlldal.

Ta'n treealtys nane jeh tree moyllaghyn jeig jeant ec Bing Er-Lheh, va currit roish yn Whaiyl y laa jea (Jemayrt), bentyn da'n choarys-bingey.

Chris Robertshaw, y caairliagh-bingey as ny Oltey son Doolish Hiar, t'eh gra dy beagh reih sleih bingagh jeant ny sassey ec lheid y list. Sleih ta noi'n aghin, t'ad gra dy beagh ee ny roïe-hampleyr gaueagh son çhaglym-fysseree y reiltys.

She Cat Turner hug yn aghin er bun, as Tristram Llewellyn Jones, y troddanagh son cairys theayagh, choard eshyn ree.

Petition to oppose citizen database

A petition urging Tynwald to reject calls for a 'centralised citizen database' is amassing support.

The proposal is one of thirteen recommendations by a Select Committee on the jury system which was put before the court yesterday (Jemayrt).

Committee chairman and East Douglas member Chris Robertshaw says such a list would streamline the selection process for jurors; but opponents argue it would set a 'dangerous precedent' for government information gathering.

It's been set up by Cat Turner and endorsed by civil liberties campaigner Tristram Llewellyn jones.

He says any such information could fall into wrong hands.

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