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Photo of WWII bomber comes full circle

Foto jeh etlan-bleaystan jeh'n Nah Chaggey Mooar çheet mygeayrt dy bollagh

Fotoghyn gyn cosoylaght jeh etlan-bleaystan jeh'n Nah Chaggey Mooar haink gys thalloo ayns smoash faggys da Doolish sy vlein nuy cheead jeig, queig as daeed, t'ad ry-akin ayns taishbynys syn Ellan nish.

Y thie-tashtee son etlagh as cooishyn-caggee, t'eh er chionnaghey kiare jallooyn jeh'n Fairey Barracuda smoashit, ayns cant er-linney.

Hie yn etlan-torpaid er aile, as eh er etlagh traenal veih Roonysvaie, ayns Mee Luanistyn nuy cheead jeig, queig as daeed. Lheim jees jeh'n skimmee magh ass, agh stiur y stiureyder yn etlan gys thalloo ayns smoash, faggys da'n Imman Marrey as ersooyl veih'n cheayn.

Ta ny fotoghyn dy jeeragh er jeet dy ve ry-akin ec y thie-tashtee - y troggal cheddin raad v'ad er nyn glou tree feed as jeih bleeaney er dy henney.

Smoash ny shlee na tree cheead etlan neose er thalloo Manninagh ayns bleeantyn y chaggee, agh, stiureyder y thie-tashtee Ivor Ramsden,
t'eh gra dy beagh yn etlan lostey er ve ny hilley agglagh.

Photo of WWII bomber comes full circle

Unique photographs of a World War II bomber plane which crash-landed near Douglas in 1945, have gone on display in the Island.

The Manx Aviation and Military Museum bought four images of the wrecked Fairey Barracuda, in an online auction.

The torpedo bomber caught fire on a training flight from Ronaldsway in August 1945 - two crew bailed out, but the pilot crash-landed the aircraft just inland from Marine Drive.

The photos have just gone on display at the museum - the same building where they were printed 70 years ago.

More than 300 planes crashed on Manx soil during the war years, but museum director Ivor Ramsden says the blazing plane would have been an alarming sight.

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