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Pirates hurting the TT, says video boss

Ta roosteyryn jannoo skielley da'n TT, ta fer-toshee feeshan gra

My t'ou neese-laadey, rheynn, ny neose-laadey jallooyn-çhellveeish jeh'n TT, oddagh oo ve jannoo baggyrt er shickyrys yn immeeaght sy traa ry-heet.

Shen çhyrrys Peter Duke jeh Margeeys Duke, lurg da claareyn ITV4 v'er gholl er coipal thousaneyn dy cheayrtyn ec traa yn TT.

Sy traa t'er gholl shaghey, ta Mnr Duke gra, t'eh er gheddyn coipyn geidit jeh DVD-yn TT er linney - she caggey dy bragh beayn t'ayn, dy phrowal dy chur stap da roosteyrys.

T'eh gra dy re aashagh ry-hoiggal yn çhyrrys: geid stoo myr shoh, ta shen keeallaghey dy bee sloo dy h-argid ry-gheddyn son yn TT.

Festeyderyn ta geid stoo, t'ad jannoo skielley da'n spoyrt oc.

Pirates hurting the TT, says video boss

Illegally upload, share or download TV footage of the TT and you could be threatening the event's future.

That's the message from Peter Duke of Duke Marketing after ITV4 programmes were copied thousands of times during the festival period.

Mr Duke says, in the past, he's discovered pirated copies of TT DVD's online and it's a constant battle to try to prevent piracy.

He says the the message is simple: stealing content means less cash for the event and and fans involved are harming their sport.

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