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Planning petition to go before Tynwald

Hed aghin-phlannal roish Tinvaal

My vees Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed geddyn ny t'eh laccal, hed y cairys jeh coarys-plannal yn Ellan er scrutaghey.

Chris Thomas, Oltey son Doolish Heear, t'eh er droggal seose aghin son lhiasagh plaiynt, va currit roish Tinvaal ec Philip as Kirree Jenkins Laa Tinvaal sy vlein feed cheead as kiare-jeig.

Ta'n cubbyl gra dy vel foiljyn as daa-cheeallaghtyn ayns ny cliaghtaghyn as leighyn bentyn da plannal, smaght-troggal as cooishyn kianlt lhieu shen.
Yn çhiaghtin shoh, prowee Mnr Thomas dy jean Tinvaal cur bing er bun dy yeeaghyn er y chooish.

Planning petition to go before Tynwald

The fairness of the Island's planning system will be subject to scrutiny, if an MHK gets his way.

West Douglas member Chris Thomas has picked up a petition for redress of grievance, which was presented by Philip and Kirree Jenkins at Tynwald Day 2014.

The couple say there are weaknesses and ambiguity in the practices and laws relating to planning, building control and connected matters.

Mr Thomas will this week try and get Tynwald to set up a committee to look at the matter.

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