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Plans in place for Sophia Goulden statue

Plannyn jeant son jalloo jeh Sophia Goulden

Moir Emmeline Pankhurst ruggit as troggit 'syn Ellan

Ta plannyn jeant dy hroggal jalloo ayns Laksaah jeh peiagh scanshoil 'sy ghleashaght suffragette.

Va moir Emmeline Pankhurst, Sophia Goulden, ruggit as troggit ayns Ellan Vannin as t'eh currit gys e lieh dy row cummaght vooar eck er credjue e neen.

Ta'n cheshaght yiastyllagh Caarjyn Sophia Goulden er reih y jallooder schleoil Sean Hedges Quinn dy ghoaill ayns laue y shalee.

Ta Mnr Quinn - as portfolio yindyssagh echey dy obbyr roish nish - gra dy vel y doilleeid dy mooar ayns ny myn-phoyntyn.

AS SEAN QUINN :  Ta mee jannoo towse mooar dy ronsaght, er-yn-oyr dy vel jannoo cummey jeh peiagh ennagh aashagh dy liooar: ny ta cur er jalloo ve speeideilagh, shen goaill y persoonid, goaill ny oashyn va cadjin daue, goaill quoi v'ad as cre'n fa, as cre hug orroo ve myr v'ad. As yn un aght foddee oo shen y yannoo, shen liorish loayrt rish ronseydee, rish screeuderyn shennaghys, lhaih y beashnys jeant oc hene, geddyn magh y shennaghys cadjin oc, yn aght foddee v'ad gymmyrkey ad hene.

Ta duillag toyrtyssagh er ve currit er bun dy hymsaghey argid son yn chalee.

Crig ayns shoh dy chur argid.


Mother of Emmeline Pankhurst was born and raised on the Island

Plans are in place to erect a statue in Laxey of a significant figure in the suffragette movement.

Emmeline Pankhurst's mother, Sophia Goulden, was born and raised on the Isle of Man and is credited with having a large influence over her daughter's beliefs.

The Friends of Sophia Goulden charity has chosen experienced sculptor Sean Hedges Quinn to undertake the project.

Mr Quinn - who has an impressive portfolio of previous work - says the devil is very much in the detail:

A just giving page has been set-up to raise funds for the project.

Click here to donate.

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