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Police to use body-worn cameras by TT

Meoiryn shee dy ymmydey shamraigyn eaddee liorish TT

Conaant dy chosney mysh 100 greie ec keimyn jerrinagh

T'eh fo ny meoiryn shee rolley magh feeshan eaddee trooid y clane cheshaght ayns traa son y TT.

Lurg prowalyssyn speeideilagh lesh y chagnoaylleeaght, ta ny meoiryn shee nish jeeaghyn dy chosney conaant er ny greienyn.

Ta treisht ayn dy jean y kionnaghey greighey dagh oaseir lesh shamraig son toshiaght kegeesh s'tarroogh ny bleeaney.

Ta'n kiarail jannoo seose ayrn jeh strateish bun-earrooagh y reiltys as argid goll er cur da ass claare argidoil y hirveish chagnoaylleeagh.

Ta'n Ard Veoir Shee Gary Roberts gra dy jean eh cooney dy lhaggaghey preays ayns staydyn doillee.

AS GARY ROBERTS : Ta feeshan eaddee feer ymmydoil bentyn rish meeinaghey ymmyrkey sleih. Myr shoh ta beoyn ec sleih gyn ymmyrkey dy olk ayns aght cho sie as veagh ad, er aght elley, er n'yannoo, my vees fys oc dy vel ad goll er filmal. Myr shoh ta sleih meeinaghey yn ymmyrkey oc hene: eer my vees ad lane dy yough as ta fys oc dy vel ad goll er filmal, t'ad meeinaghey yn ymmyrkey oc. 

T'eh jannoo ny s'tappee y starr feanish; t'eh jannoo ny sloo yn earroo dy chooishyn ta goll er arganey noi 'sy whaiyl; t'eh jannoo ny sloo yn earroo dy phlaiyntyn noi oaseiryn poleen. 

As ta ronsaght ard-schoillaragh er ve ayn ooilley mygeayrt y theihll jeeaghyn er y vondeish jeh feeshan ceaut er corp.


Contract to secure approximately 100 devices in final stages

Police are aiming to roll out body-worn video across the entire force in time for TT.

Following successful trials with the technology, the constabulary is now looking to secure a contract for the devices.

It's hoped the procurement will equip every officer with a camera for the start of the busiest fortnight of the year. 

The move forms part of the government's digital strategy and is funded by the technology service budget.

Chief Constable Gary Roberts says it will help to defuse difficult situations.

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