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Police will stay in Willaston

Bee meoiryn-shee foast ayns Willaston

Bee meoiryn-shee foast ayns Willaston - eer my vees plannyn coardit dy hroggal block-thieys noa syn ynnyd raad ta stashoon ynnydagh meoiryn-shee yn steat ec y traa t'ayn.

Shen cordail rish coonceil Ghoolish, ta cur plannyn roish yn reiltys yn çhiaghtin shoh son block-thieys fasteeagh lesh daeed unnid.

My vees yn argid coardit, bee yn thieys fasteeagh çheu-veealloo shappyn Willaston, raad ta stashoon ny meoiryn-shee nish.

David Ashford, Caairliagh y Ving Thieys as Cooid, hoilshee eh magh dy beagh meoiryn-shee foast ayns Willaston. Casley rish ny va jeant ayns Poyll Roish Heose, veagh offish ec ny meoiryn-shee çheu-sthie jeh'n vlock-thieys.

Police will stay in Willaston

Police will remain in Willaston - even if plans to build a new housing complex on the site of the estate's local police station are approved.

That's according to Douglas council, which is submitting plans for a 40-unit sheltered housing block to government this week.

If the spending's approved, the sheltered housing will be built opposite the Willaston shops, where the police station currently stands.

Chairman of the Housing and Property Committee David Ashford explained that the police would still have a presence in Willaston. Similar to what has been done in Upper Pulrose, the police would have an office inside the housing complex.

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