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Politicians question public footpath decision

Politickeyryn cur feysht mychione briwnys er cassan theayagh

Obbyr jeant gyn kied plannal

Ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed as Oltey y Choonceil Slattyssagh gra dy vel imnea oc mychione yn aght ta Tinvaal er choardail dy chur rish arganeys mychione cassan theayagh.

She Meary Voar, faggys da slyst ny marrey ayns Stondane, ta'n ard as feysht my-e-chione.

Ta'n shellooder jeh thie as thalloo mooar ayns shen er ve jannoo obbyr, as cha nel kied plannal er-e-hon - ta shoh goaill stiagh reuyrey magh quarral as scughey cassan theayagh.

Ren Tinvaal ceau teiy y chiaghtin shoh dy chur kied da jannoo coorse noa, dyn y wooise da plaiyntyn liorish cummaltee ynnydoil, fir choshee as Barrantee Stondane.

Ta OCF ass-lieh Garff, Daphne Caine, as Tim Crookall, OCS, gra nagh vel ad jeant booiagh ec y vriwnys.

AS TIM CROOKALL : Cha row (kied) plannal rieau ry gheddyn son yn obbyr ren ad, as ren y shellooder thalloo eisht reaghey dy scughey y cassan theayagh gys un cheu - cha nel eh eer cho faggys as oddys eh y ve gys y voayl v'eh ayn roish nish, as cha nel eh 'syn ard coyrlit ec y Rheynn jeih bleeaney, daa vlein jeig er-dy-henney, cre erbee v'eh. As ta'n clane cooish er ve faghidys veih'n toshiaght gys y jerrey. Fy yerrey hoal, she'n prinsabyl t'ayns shoh. T'eh er n'ghoaill ayns laue eh, t'eh jeant echey, as t'eh cheet seyr veih.

AS DAPHNE CAINE : Ta mee geearree gra nagh vel mee jerkal nagh jinnagh sharvaant y theay erbee cooilleeney e churrym, agh ta mee gindys row preays politickagh currit er sharvaantyn y theay, dy row shoh seiyt ry lhiattee.

Work carried out without planning permission

A Member of the House of Keys and a Member of the Legislative Council say they have concerns about how Tynwald has resolved to deal with a dispute over a public footpath.

The area in question is at Meary Voar, near the coast in Santon.

The owner of a large property there has been carrying out work for which they haven't got planning permission - this includes digging a quarry and moving a public right of way.

Tynwald this week voted to approve the moving of the route, despite objections from local residents, walkers and Santon Commissioners.

Garff MHK Daphne Caine and Tim Crookall MLC say they aren't happy with the decision.

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