Poor response to find meat plant operator

Freggyrt moal d'eddyn obbreyder jeh'n thie-jannoo feill

Ta freggyrt moal er ny gheddyn rish eabbaghyn dy phrowal listal obbreyder, veagh cur laue da'n thie-jannoo feill Manninagh, ta geddyn ram argid-cooney veih'n reiltys.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Çhymmyltaght er ghoaill rish freggyt moal choud as shoh dy ghreinnaghey anaase er y teyraad ayns Tromode.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta feme er ny shlee na millioon punt sy vlein dy chummal y thie-jannoo fo raad.

Ta Geoffrey Boot soilshaghey dy vel yn obbyr çhebbal foast fo raad.

Poor response to find meat plant operator

There has been a disappointing response to efforts to recruit an operatpr to take on the heavily subsidised Manx meat plant.

The Environment Minister has admitted efforts to attract interest in the Tromode facility have been limited so far.

More than £1 million a year is currently needed to keep the plant going.
Geoffrey Boot points out the tender process is still on-going.

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