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Port St Mary post office to close its doors

Oik postagh Phurt le Moirrey dy ghooney e ghorryssyn

Feme er sleih ymmydey Purt Chiarn ny Balleychashtal

Nee oik postagh Phurt le Moirrey dooney e ghorryssyn ec jerrey y vee shoh.

Ta Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin gra nagh vel eh er n'gheddyn raa dy hym dy chooilleeney yn shirveish ta goll er stiurey ayns shapp pabyr-naight.

Nee'n fo-vainshtyr post ec y traa t'ayn cur jerrey er e chonaant 29 Jerrey Fouyir.

Veih 1 Mee Houney bee feme er sleih troailt gys Purt Chiarn ny gys Balleychashtal dy chur rish nyn dellal post.

Ta fogrey veih Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin gra: "Ayns seihll ta cheet ny smoo dy ve bun-earrooagh, choud's ta custymeyryn reih ny smoo saaseyn elley bun-earrooagh shaghey shirveish harrish boayrd-coontee, nee arraghey ymmyderyn shirveishyn boayrd-coontee voish Purt le Moirrey jannoo Oik Postagh Phurt Chiarn ny oik stroshey as smoo ry chummal seose son dy chooilley chustymeyr as pharteeas traghtee as son y fo-vainshtyr post." 


People will have to use Port Erin or Castletown

Port St Mary post office will close its doors at the end of this month.

The Isle of Man Post Office says it's received no expressions of interest to provide the service which is run from the newsagents.

The current sub postmaster will terminate his contract on 29 October.

From November 1 people will have to travel to Port Erin or Castletown to undertake their postal business.

A statement from Isle of Man Post Office says: "In an increasingly digital world, as customers increasingly choose digital alternatives to counter-based services, the migration of counter service users from Port St Mary will make Port Erin Post Office a stronger and more sustainable office for all customers, commercial partners and the sub postmaster."

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