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President praises Tynwald spirit

Eaghtyrane moylley spyrryd Tinvaal

Ta Eaghtyrane Tinvaal er voylley yn spyrryd jeh sleih ynnydagh as lught-shilley myrgeddin, lurg daue v'er nyannoo dy dunnal lesh y drogh-earish laa Tinvaal.

Fliaghey, trome ny cheayrtyn, haink eh rish ec mean y voghrey as hannee eh car ny h-immeeaghtyn.

Clare y Christeen, t'er ve goaill ayrn dy h-oikoil sy jesh-chliaghtey neayr's hoght cheead jeig as kiare feed, tra hie ee er reih ny h-Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, t'ee gra dy re cooilleeney fondagh y phobble v'ayn.

President praises Tynwald spirit

The President of Tynwald has praised the spirit of locals and visitors alike after they braved the elements at Tynwald Day.

Rain, at times heavy, arrived in St John's from mid-morning and stayed throughout proceedings.

Clare Christian, who has been officially involved in the ceremony since 1980 when she was elected an MHK, says it was a real community effort.

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