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Progress at the Castle Mona Hotel

Goll er oaie ec Thie Aaght Cashtal Mona

Earroo dy chaghlaaghyn jeant da'n cheu mooie

Lurg bleeantyn, ta feanish foddee dy vel aa-lhiasaghey y Thie Aaght Cashtal Mona er-chee ve jeant.

Ta ny shellooderyn noa, ta foast dy ve currit er enn da'n theay, er chur, ayns ynnyd jeh'n chenn faal mergagh, boalley ard foiee, ta dolley magh dy bollagh entreilys eear hie y Chiannoort.

Va'n troggal kionnit Mee Voaldyn veih'n Phossan Sefton.


Number of changes to exterior made

After years, there is at last evidence that redevelopment of the Castle Mona Hotel may be about to happen.

The new owners, who have still to be identified publically, have replaced the old rusty fencing with a high wooden hoarding, blocking the view entirely of the entrance to the former Governor's residence.

The building was bought in May from the Sefton Group.

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