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Property companies collapse

Colughtyn-thie failleil

Ta'n daa ayrn jeh colught-thie Ellanagh er gholl er skeayley.

 Richmond Square Design Ltd. as Richmond Square Construction Ltd., v'ad er nyn recortyssey ayns Mannin, as t'ad er ve goaill ayrn ayns lhiasaghey thieyn soylleysagh ayns shoh as har mooir, goaill stiagh plannyn son thie chostagh jeih as feed millioon punt ayns Purt Soderick.

T'eh er ny eeraghey rish Radio Vannin dy vel ny shee na millioon punt orroo ec ny shlee na daa cheead dailleyder, veih'n reiltys as y kerroo preevaaidjagh.

Ta çhaglymyn-dailleyder er nyn eamaghey, vees hed er cummal ec y Thie-Oast Clarendon ayns Doolish, yn feedoo laa Mean Fouyir ec nane-jeig er y chlag sy voghrey, as nane er y chlag syn astyr.

Property companies collapse

Two arms of an Island property company have gone into liquidation.

Manx-registered Richmond Square Design Ltd. and Richmond Square Construction Ltd. have been involved in the development of luxury properties here and abroad, including plans for a £30 million house in Port Soderick.

It's been confirmed to Manx Radio they owe in excess of £1 million to more than 200 creditors, from both government and the private sector.

Creditors' meetings have been called, to be held at the Claremont Hotel in Douglas on September 20, at 11am and 1pm.

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